Also known as the Monkey Dog, the Affenpinscher originated in the 16th century in Germany as a dog for eradicating rats and mice. Their sporting attitude and strong character have made them into great companion dogs for just about any household.


This breed is extremely energetic and active and you should be as well. They make good apartment dogs as long as you are able to give them a regular play session and daily walk but keep an eye on them if you take them to the park as they really love to climb and bark a lot.


Care for the Affenpinscher is fairly simple as they do not require clipping. Brushing is something that should be done on a weekly basis but clipping their hair short will ruin their coat for many years. Keep an eye on stray hairs that grow in the corners of its eyes as they can cause irritation and should be removed immediately. They can suffer from open fontanel, slipped stifle, and respiratory issues.


Anyone that has had an Affenpinscher will tell you what great dogs they are. Often referred to as a class clown, these charming and sturdy breeds will have you in awe with their thinking and reasoning abilities and leave you in wonder at occasional sensitivity.


The Affenpinscher has a rough and dense shaggy coat that serves as great protection in harsher weather environs. They don't not shed very much and come in a variety of colors. The coat on their shoulders and body is roughly 1 inch long and they will get a mane and beard when they mature.


These quick witted and highly inquisitive dogs will show you what the definition of mischievous is all about. They can get a bit over protective of their food and toys so you might want to think twice about having them in a home with small children. They are a very entertaining dog to be around and love a happy family setting.


Affenpinschers can become bored very easily so it's better to give them a variety of tasks to keep their attention. House training can be a bit difficult as they have a more authoritarian attitude. Stay consistent and firm and use the crate method and you should do fine with them