Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound


Afghan Hounds are a very elegant breed of dog that requires socialization and constant companionship to make them happy. They make excellent companions and are extremely loyal and devoted to their family members.


Afghan Hounds need a place to run for at least 30 minutes a day to keep them healthy and active. You should also make sure they have all the fresh and clean water they can drink as their long coat can make them very hot and uncomfortable. Don't forget to take them on regular walks as well.


The Afghan Hound breed is one that requires constant attention to their coat. Bathing is required at least once a week to keep their fur from matting, and brushing alone just isn't good enough. You will require special grooming tools in order to care for this breed and give them the noble coat they deserve.


This breed is most often seen in the show ring they are highly intelligent and dignified but can be quite a handful if you do not train them properly. Anyone that has owned an Afghan Hound will tell you how important they have become to their family and what great companions they can make for the right people.


The Afghan Hound's coat is soft and silky with a thick texture to it. You should never clip the coat of an Afghan as it should remain as natural as possible. Because of this, high temperatures and high humidity are not welcome friends for Afghans. The hair on their ears and feet are more feathery than the rest of their bodies.


The Afghan Hound has a very well balanced temperament around older children and other animals as long as they have been socialized around them. They are loyal to a fault and can become extremely sensitive, so treat them as such. Their nobility has been spoken of over the centuries and you will be amazed at how courageous they can become.


Obedience classes are highly recommended for this breed, but only by trainers that are as sensitive and gentle as the Afghan Hound is. Since this breed is so gentle and sensitive it should be trained gently but consistently. If you do not train this breed, you will find that they can become highly disobedient.