American Bandogge Mastiff

American Bandogge Mastiff

American Bandogge Mastiff


The Bandogge Mastiff is the generic name given to the cross breed of an American Bulldog and a Mastiff. They have very pronounced musculature that gives them an agile and athletic look. They were common as guard dogs over the centuries and were usually chained during the day and let free to roam at night.


This intelligent and active breed requires exercise on a daily basis. If you live in an apartment setting, you will have to schedule regular walks and play times to keep it active. Indoors, they can become quite docile and inactive, but once outside they will impress you with their agility and dexterity.


The Bandogge Mastiff is one of the easiest breeds to take care of. Grooming is a snap with a rubber brush to take up the shedding short hair. Shedding is about average for this breed and bathing is only recommended about once a week to keep the natural oils from drying out.


With the genetics of the Bulldog, these Bandogge Mastiffs are extremely athletic and muscular. They can leap to exceptional heights, as tall as they are, and you should consider having a good tall fence around your yard. However, they can be apartment dogs if you take them on regular walks.


The Bandogge Mastiff has a short coat much like the American Bulldog. Most common color is black brindle but they can come in blue and reddish hues as well. Be aware that this breed has a tendency to slobber and drool a bit due to the sagging jowls.


Extremely intelligent and protective, this breed needs to be challenged both physically and mentally every day. If left to their own devices, they can become bored and get into a lot of trouble. They make great guard dogs and will protect their family with everything they have. Socializing this breed with other animals and children will lead to a great house dog but regular exercise is needed.


When it comes to training a Bandogge Mastiff you have to make sure that you are the pack leader. If you do not take control of this breed of dog, you are looking at a good deal of damage in your home and yard. They are extremely active and need plenty of exercise during the day. You have to be firm and consistent to make this breed obedient and, if you can do that, you will have a dog that will give his life to save yours.