American Bulldog

American Bulldog

American Bulldog


Considered to be a rare breed, the American Bulldog is a breed of diverse capabilities. After WWII, this breed nearly became extinct until John D. Johnson saved them and turned the breed into a working man’s dog. Farmers loved them for their protective nature and the intelligence they have towards working. They have been used for hunting everything from squirrels to bears and wild boars.


The American Bulldog is very active and is happiest when given a job they can do. They need constant walks and play times and do much better on a farm where they have the space needed to roam. Apartments aren’t their first choice, but if you give them the exercise and attention that they require, they can make do fairly well.


The American Bulldog has a very short coat which is easy to maintain and groom. Using a firm bristled brush on a regular basis will reduce loose hair, and bathing should only be done if necessary with mild shampoo. This breed is very hardy and the only real issues may be with hip dysplasia.


This breed is extremely strong and athletic and requires a lot of exercise on a regular basis. A simple fence won't keep them in the yard, either. You will need a sturdy and tall fence as this breed can jump up to six feet in height. Being alert and extremely courageous, this breed will make an excellent guard dog.


The coat of the American Bulldog is short and harsh and comes in a variety of colors and patterns with the most common being red, tan, brown, and brindle. They are an average shedder, and brushing regularly will reduce shedding on furniture and clothing.


This breed is exceptionally devoted and happy to be with their family. They will get along great with children but their size is a bit much for smaller kids. This is not a dog for the novice dog owner as they can become aggressive against other dogs that they do not know and small house pets and cats can be in some danger. Overall, this is a great guard dog for a family as they are so loyal.


This breed must be trained early on for obedience and socialization. You must use fairness and a firm hand when training this breed, but never resort to heavy handed methods as they will not respond the way you want them to. They are great for hunting and tracking and make excellent guard dogs.