American Foxhound

American Foxhound

American Foxhound


The American Foxhound is a direct descendant of French and English hounds and was first introduced in America to seek out Indians. Later on, they were seen to be amazing at hunting wild animals and became extremely popular with wealthy individuals in the hunting of fox. You will need to realize that this breed was not meant to be a household pet only.


American Foxhounds require a lot of exercise and keeping them in an apartment will not work. They need plenty of land to roam and hunt on so a rural setting is the best possible choice here. If they do not get enough exercise they can become exceptionally destructive and restless.


American Foxhounds are hearty and fairly healthy, although you should check their ears frequently for debris. Bathing should only be done when necessary and brushing on a regular basis should be done with a firm bristled brush. With little exercise and overfeeding, the American Foxhound will have a tendency to gain weight quickly and become complacent.


American Foxhounds are well known for its ability to follow a scent until it finds its prey. They will go so far as to ignore other commands if they catch a scent that is strong enough and, because of this, you might find they are a bit stubborn at times. They possess an unnatural amount of energy and stamina and love to be outside as much as possible.


This average shedding American Foxhound breed has a medium length coat that lies close to the body. Because the coat is hard in texture and lays so close to the body, they are weather proof and do well in any climate when outside.


The American Foxhound is exceedingly gentle with their family and is quite affectionate and courageous when it is needed most. They do well with children of all ages and other dogs in the family as well, but shouldn’t be left alone with non-canine pets. They do not do well as indoor pets as their ancestry is in being an outdoor pack hound.


American Foxhounds are easily trained for hunting but can be difficult when it comes to being housebroken. Because they have a tendency to become timid and aloof when they get older, you will need to socialize them at a very young age. Being fair and consistent when it comes to training will give you a dog that is trained quickly and efficiently.