American Pit Bull

American Pit Bull

American Pit Bull


The American Pitbull originated in the 19th century and is very popular with ranchers and farmers for their versatile abilities. They are very athletic and extremely strong dogs that are great when driving livestock, as guard dogs, or as family companions. They are extremely loyal to their families and will protect them to the best of their ability.


Because of the amount of energy that is required to keep this breed healthy and happy they need to be exercised on a regular basis. They thrive on human companionship and attention and will do anything to please their family members. They can do well in apartments if there is a park close by that they can play and run in.


American Pitbulls prefer warmer climates and do not need to be bathed unless necessary. A firm bristled brush is best for grooming and should be done on a regular basis to remove dead hair. They tend to have hereditary health issues such as heart disease and hip dysplasia. They can also develop allergies to grass.


While there are some people that find American Pitbulls to be dangerous animals, they are extremely loving with their family members when trained right. Strong and courageous, this breed makes a great pet as long as it gets the exercise it needs to maintain a healthy life. Being inactive will tend to make them bored and destructive.


American Pitbulls come in a variety of colors and color combinations with a short, glossy, and smooth coat that is stiff to the touch. Regular brushing is a good idea to remove shedding hair.


Contrary to popular belief, the American Pitbull is not aggressive towards humans by nature. This aggressiveness towards people has to be taught to the dog as they are good natured and very friendly. Because they are so good natured and friendly, they tend to not make good guard dogs. They are, however, extremely protective of their home, family, and territory and will do anything to protect them. They do well with older children and dogs they are raised with, but not strange dogs they don’t know.


When it comes to training an American Pitbull you need to do socializing at an early age. This is crucial for this breed to become well rounded and a valuable member of the family. They exceed in tracking, pulling, and agility and have a large amount of energy. Firmness and kind words are the object of desire when training and harsh methods of obedience will not work.