American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel


Commonly called AWS, the American Water Spaniel puppies have been used for farming and hunting since the 18th century. This breed was particularly popular in Wisconsin and Minnesota. They are consider to be a rare breed and are one of just a few breeds that were developed in America. The American Water Spaniel breed is virtual unheard of anywhere except the United States. In 1986, they were names as the official state dog of Wisconsin.


The American Water Spaniel needs a lot of physical exercise. They particularly enjoy hunting and swimming. In addition, they tend to roam around so if you walk or jog with them, they need to be securely leashed. This breed loves to play such games as fetch and Frisbee. They can do well in apartment dwelling as long as they’re allowed enough exercise in a securely fenced yard. The American Water Spaniel prefers a country home so they can run.


American Water Spaniels need to be brushed thoroughly at least 2 times weekly. They should be bathed only when it’s absolutely necessary and you need to use a mild shampoo. It’s vital that the natural oils aren’t stripped from their coat. This breed needs to be professionally clipped on occasion to prevent a “ratty” look. As they’re not very popular, they’ve been able to avoid having genetic health problems. However, they might have some skin issues.


As a medium size dog, the American Water Spaniel is in its element when sniffing out game and retrieving. The Spaniel breed enthusiastically hunts animals with feathers and fur. This breed is intelligent, friendly, and eager to please. The American Water Spaniels are avid, farm workers and hunters as well as amiable companions.


The coat of American Water Spaniel puppies is weather resistant and distinctive. The top coat is wavy or tightly curled, and the underneath coat is dense, which protects from water and weather. While in between coarse and soft, the coat is a bit oily. The coat’s color can be brown, solid liver, or dark chocolate. They are light shedders.


American Water Spaniel puppies are energetic, persistent, loyal and obedient. Typically gentle when around children and other pets, they can become aggressive with dogs they’re not familiar with. The American Water Spaniel puppies may perfect family pets. When properly introduced, they’re friendly with strangers. They tend to become attached to one person in a family. They make impressive watchdogs and tend to bark excessively. When they’re excited, many American Water Spaniels will “yodel.” This breed loves attention but they can also entertain themselves.


The American Water Spaniel is slow to mature. It might be 2 years before you can successfully start training them. They do need to have lots of social contact when young, though. Housetraining may be difficult so you should use the crate method. These dogs are highly sensitive and don’t respond to heavy handed or harsh training techniques. If they’re disciplined harshly, they tend to bite out of fear. For successful training, patience, consistency, love fairness and respect are vital.