Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd


The Australian Shepherd has an unknown origin. However, the breed that is loved and cherished now was bred exclusively in the United States. They have a versatility that makes them great for working on farms and ranches as a retriever, herding dog and watchdog. They’re usually called “The Aussie.”


The Australian Shepherd needs a lot of exercise. They need more than just a walk. Running, playing, herding and any other activity is more for them. They love lots of social interaction and given a task to do. Australian Shepherds aren’t meant for apartment living. They need an active owner and a large fenced yard.


The Australian Shepherd needs only minimal grooming. Brushing them once in a while is fine, using a brush with a firm bristle. More intense grooming is needed during seasonal shedding. Don’t bathe them unless they absolutely need it. They’re susceptible to many health concerns. They may have a blind or deaf issue. Serious spinal defects may plague natural bobtails. They’re also prone to cataracts, hip dysplasia and epilepsy.


The most identifiable trait of the Australian Shepherd is the docked or natural bobtail they have. They have amazing eyes that are in many colors or color combinations. These include amber, blue, hazel and every shade of brown. Their eyes are one of their most talked about features. The Aussie is an athletic and energetic breed.


The coat of the Australian Shepherd is varied and striking. It’s moderately long, weather resistant, and straight to wavy. Their under coat sheds twice yearly with moderate shedding in between. Their coat comes in 4 main colors. These are blue, red, black, red merle and red.


Australian Shepherds are loyal, delightful and intelligent. They have high energy and love to have a task to do. Their herding instinct may get on their owners nerves because they will herd anything that moves. They’re somewhat cautious and reserved with strangers until they get to know them. Human companionship is very important to this protective and confident breed. They typically are great around small children and aren’t aggressive with other dogs.


Australian Shepherds train easily. Early socialization and the most basic of obedience help with this. They must know who their master is or they’ll try to be in control. This breed needs consistency, fairness, effectiveness and a firm direction. Keep it interesting, though, because their intelligence and fast ability to learn can make them bored from repetitive training.