Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier


The Australia Terrier was created in Australia and is one of the smallest working terriers. Bred initially to use as shepherds, watchdogs, and vermin hunters, they also make wonderful companions. This breed is the first native-bred Australian dogs used as show dogs and recognized in other countries.


The Australian Terrier needs regular exercise to stay mentally and physically fit. If they get bored, they’ll get destructive. This breed loves securely leashed walks, romping in safe areas and playing with the family. They like apartments as long as they have enough stimulation and exercise.


The Australia Terrier needs to be brushed several times weekly. They also need to be plucked once every 3 months. Bathe them with a mild shampoo only when absolutely needed. Trim around the eyes and ears will need to be done on occasion. This is a mostly health breed, although they may tend to develop diabetes, patella luxation, epilepsy, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, thyroid disorders and skin allergies.


Small, low to the ground and sturdy, the Australia Terrier is proud, alert, confident and hardy. They’re also charming, fearless and bold. They make great companions and are great pets for many different lifestyles.


The Australia Terrier has a double coat. Their top coat is harsh, rough and straight with the under coat being short, dense and soft. Their weatherproof coat is longer than the hair on their tails, back legs and feet. The protective softer hair on their necks meshes into an apron. Their front legs have light feathering and a topknot of fine and soft hair. Their coat colors are dark blue, sandy, silvery blue with tan markings, and solid red. They shed minimally.


The Australia Terrier shows the courage and bravery of larger dogs. They’re very affectionate and loyal to their families as well as being very intelligent. This is an amusing, curious and spirited breed. They do best with older respectful children and get along well with other household pets and dogs. They do like to chase cats and small outdoor animals. The Australia Terriers love people and don’t like being left alone for long. They have sharp hearing and keen eyesight which makes them excellent watchdogs. While wary of strangers, they’re not aggressive.


The Australian Terrier learns quickly but also bores easily with repetition. Early obedience training and socialization is vital. They don’t respond to heavy handed techniques and harshness. This is a breed that performs best when trained with patience, praise, firmness, motivation and consistency. Their best areas are tracking, obedience, and agility.