Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hound


Basset Hound puppies are naturally well-behaved and make perfect household pets. This is a very gentle, loving and sweet breed. They tend to bark and howl, which makes them great alarm dogs. However, they’re much too gentle to be effective guard dogs.


Basset Hounds tend to overeat so they need to have plenty of exercise to stay healthy. This is a naturally lazy breed so they should be walked regularly and allowed to roam around in fenced, safe area.


Basset Hound puppies need to be brushed and combed using a firm bristle brush to keep their shedding to a minimum, as they are heavy shedders. Since they’re a bit lazy, they won’t take good care of their nails, which makes regular trimming necessary. The ears and under the folds of the skin must also be cleaned regularly.


Basset Hound puppies have long ears that are rather sensitive. Their lazy nature makes them perfect as pets for older children. This breed tends to be stubborn and never shy. They don’t show any signs of aggression since they’re naturally gentle and fun loving.


A Basset Hound’s coat should always be short and never long. Their coat is hard, smooth and dense, which makes it weather resistant. Their hair needs to always have a firm texture and be straight.


Basset Hound puppies are quiet, lazy, peaceful and affectionate. This makes them perfect for family pets. They love children and typically do well with other animals. This breed can be taught how to do tricks but they’re a bit stubborn so patience is a must.


Basset Hound puppies are quite sensitive so training must be done gently and patiently. As they’re also rather stubborn, consistency is also important. Basset Hounds need fun methods in training because they tend to go off sniffing on their own and ignore their master completely.