Originally bred as hunting dogs, Beagle puppies have a tendency of following their noses while ignoring everything else around them. That’s why it’s vital that obedience training takes place at a young age. A cross between the Harrier and various other England based hounds they do best when hunting quail, pheasant or hare.


Beagle puppies are rather active and enjoy long and vigorous walks since they love being outdoors. Due to their strongly developed hunting instinct, Beagles must always be leashed or in a securely fenced yard because they tend to go chasing anything that catches their attention. At least 2 long daily walks are needed to keep Beagles properly exercised because of their enormous stamina. These dogs do best in a home environment with access to a large fenced yard.


Beagle puppies need to be brushed daily with a rubber, hard or wire bristled brush. Wiping them down with a damp cloth or towel is usually enough of a bath. Clean their ears regularly to avoid ear infections. The Beagles nails also need to be trimmed. Shedding can be controlled through regular combing.


Beagle puppies are quite energetic and work well in family environments. Lively, energetic and active, this breed makes a great companion for children as long as they have the right socialization. They are alert and have an even temperament, never showing aggression. Beagles can be very bold and mischievous sometimes so the right training and socialization must be done at a young age.


Beagle puppies have a coat of medium length hair, which makes for relative easy grooming. Their hair should lie close to their bodies and should always be hard rather than silky or soft. Resembling a small English Foxhound, this breed has a very shorthaired and sleek coat.


Generally, Beagle puppies are quite happy and make great companions for families. This is a highly adaptable breed to various lifestyles and environments. They’re eager to please and highly intelligent. However, they distract easily so training must be done consistently. Beagles are great with children and can also get along with other pets if they’re socialized correctly.


Beagle puppies are highly intelligent and eager to please. This makes them great to work with but they get distracted easily and lose interest if they pick up a scent they want to follow. That’s why obedience training is needed for this breed. If they’re trained properly, Beagles should listen to their masters. However, if they’re not properly trained, they’ll ignore all commands. Firm, gentle handling and consistency is needed for successful training.