Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie


The Bearded Collie, otherwise known as the Beardie, is an average size dog that is descended from Old English Shepherds. That means that herding sheep and cattle is in this breed's history. They protect and herd animals of their own accord, with very little human guidance or interference. Nearly endangered, they have returned, and aren't leaving.


Though they would do alright in an apartment dwelling, Bearded Collies would do far better in an outdoor environment with lots of space. They may find themselves happiest when put to work on a farm. Herding and enjoying farm life will give them plenty of room, plenty to do, and it would give them a sense of responsibility.


The primary area of concern in the care department for Bearded Collies is the coat. As it is so long, it will need constant care to prevent matting and tangling. This breed may be prone to allergies and eye problems, but both can be helped by tending to the coat. Keep their coats clean and out of their eyes.


The Bearded Collie possesses a long shaggy coat that is almost like a fur dress worn by the dog. Their colors vary from gray, white, or tan, and they are one breed that is fairly easy to distinguish from other breeds. These dogs are dutiful workers that seem to be born with a sense of purpose.


To be properly cared for, you will need to brush through the coats of the Bearded Collies daily, after misting them with a light conditioner. They will often need to visit professional groomers to trim their coat on a bi-monthly basis. The coat is usually very thick, and it has been shown to change colors periodically, as new hair grows in.


The Bearded Collie absolutely adores family life. As they are friendly, they won't make the best guard dogs, but they do make for socially polite animals that won't frighten your guests and friends, or make them uneasy. This breed does like to play, though, so it may try to reel guests into playing tug of war.


The Bearded Collie has a bit of an ego problem when it comes to taking direction. They are smart, and if a trick is performed for no real purpose, they will somehow know, and they will see no reason to do it. Also, when it comes to herding, the dog will rarely take directions from humans here, either.