The Beauceron breed is a few centuries old and had been used in the past to protect livestock. However, unlike other working dogs, this breed was also used for sending messages to different camps by the French Army back in the days of the first two World Wars. Even today, they are still used by modern soldiers.


Beaucerons were practically born to move. They love exercise. If you are keeping one indoors, then take them for a walk every day, play with them in the house, or let them run around in a fenced in yard for a little while. If they are already outdoors, they will find something to entertain themselves.


One health concern for the Beauceron Breed is gastric torsion. This can be caused by too much jumping and rough housing on a full stomach. Be sure to watch their diet to ensure that they do not over-indulge themselves. If you notice your dog acting strangely or have any suspicions, rush them to a vet immediately.


Beauceron dogs are incredibly observant. Back during the World Wars, they were valued messengers for their uncanny ability to detect land mines and follow trails. Their powerful bodies are the perfect physical match to their strong minds. Their movements are proud and delicate. They are often black and tan, and sometimes resemble the Rottweiler breed.


It is advised to keep the Beauceron's coat brushed at least two times every week. They are average shedders, but certain seasons may bring on heavier shedding patterns. They have a thick double coat that is weather resistant, which means that these dogs will be alright in most differing climates, if you were concerned about them living outdoors.


Beaucerons are best suited as guard dogs however, they are advised to be kept away from small children. They have natural herding instincts, and may mistake the children for a small cattle product. They can be trained, though, and they will become fiercely loyal and devoted to their adoptive human family, assuming they are treated kindly.


The older Beauceron dogs get, the more stubborn they become about listening to humans. If you want to teach these dogs how to live respectfully inside, or to take on certain duties outdoors, then they must be trained to do so early. If you want a well-mannered pup, expose them to people and let them adjust.