Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier


Bedlington Terrier puppies were bred during the 18th century in England and were used by gypsies to hunt vermin and retrieve small game. They’re often called the “gypsy dogs.” They’re known for having the heart of a lion and head of a lamb because of their assertive attitude and unique appearance.


Bedlington Terrier puppies are highly active and need lots of exercise and stimulation. Indoors, they’re pretty active and love family play sessions. They’re wonderful walking companions as long as they’re on a leash. This breed loves to play outdoors and need supervision and a safe fenced area. They also like to dig. Bedlington Terriers do fine in apartment dwelling if they get enough exercise.


The breed of Bedlington Terrier puppies is high maintenance. They must have professional specialized clipping once every 6 weeks. They need to be combed and brushed daily. Bathing isn’t required unless completely necessary. Bedlington Terriers are prone to Copper Storage Disease, which is an inherited serious liver issue. They’re also prone to cataracts, thyroid issues and kidney disease.


Bedlington Terrier puppies are gentle and mild and never nervous and shy. They’re very energetic, courageous and enduring. Confident, spirited and very muscular, this breed has strong sporting instincts and make a loveable and intelligent pet.


Bedlington Terrier puppies are very distinctive with an unusual coat of both hard and soft hair. Their body coat is crisp, curly and similar to a lint texture. Their ear tips carry a fringe of silky hair. Blue, liver or sandy are the colors of their coats and they’re non-shedding.


Bedlington Terriers are very affectionate, playful, loyal, cheerful and lively. They’re also very devoted to their owners and loving with well-behaved children. If they’ve been raised with cats and other pets, they’ll get along great. However, they don’t take well to dominance and threats. Even though Bedlington Terriers are typically gentle, they are a Terrier breed and turn into ferocious fighters when provoked. They’re usually tolerant of strangers and make great watchdogs because they’re intensely protective of their families.


Bedlington Terrier puppies can be hard to train because they’re independent and skittish. They need to have proper socialization at an early age especially with cats and other family pets. Intense obedience training is vital because they tend to be a destructive breed that barks incessantly. They won’t respond to heavy handed and harsh training but they love human company and are best trained with firmness, love and consistency. This breed is agile and obedient.