Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois


Belgian Malinois puppies are strong, territorial and protective as well as excellent as working dogs. They also take well to obedience training. Sometimes they’re used as watchdogs because of their alertness and loyalty. They are, however, quite affectionate. If they’re not entertained, they’ll become destructive. They also show herding behavior.


As long as the Belgian Malinois puppies are given enough exercise, they’ll do fine with apartment living. It’s better if they have a decent size yard to run in. This is an active breed so they must get exercised regularly.


The Belgian Malinois is a breed with shorthair that is very easy to care for. To keep their coat pretty and good shape, use a firm bristle brush to take away excess hair. They only need to be bathed when necessary because if they’re bathed regularly, their skin and coat can become too dry. Normally a light shedder, this breed will display heavy shedding in season.


Belgian Malinois puppies are a working breed and they need to be given jobs. They’re highly energetic, watchful and very protective of their territory and owners. When they’re give the right training, adequate exercise and the proper job, the Belgian Malinois puppies will thrive. They do need a lot of socialization from a very young age.


The Belgian Malinois puppies have short hair and don’t need a lot of maintenance. Their coarse and harsh coat is also sturdy enough to be weather resistant. The neck hair is a bit longer and they have a dense under coat.


Belgian Malinois puppies are highly intelligent and get along with very well with children and other pets in the family as long as they have proper socialization. They do best with larger and less passive pets as well as older and calmer children. This breed is very eager to please, highly obedient and great as a working dog.


Belgian Malinois puppies are pretty simple to train because they’re highly intelligent, eager to please and are great workers. They do well with obedience training as long as the training is delivered firmly and consistently from an experienced trainer. This can be a difficult breed to manage if the right precautions aren’t taken.