Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Sheepdog


The Belgian Sheepdog is part of the herding group of dogs. They're exceptional when it comes to guarding and herding. These dogs are known as the Groenendael in Belgium and are one of 4 types of shepherd dogs originating from that country. They are both affectionate and intelligent and are very protective which makes them excellent guard dogs.


Belgian Sheepdogs can do well with apartment living as long as they're given enough exercise. They do particularly well in a country setting and need at least a medium size yard that's securely fenced. It's not completely necessary, though, as long as they get plenty of exercise. If they must live without access to a yard, they need to have long, brisk walks daily.


The Belgian Sheepdog needs to be brushed and combed daily. To avoid tangles and matting, they must be brushed all the down to their undercoat. They shed the heaviest during the warmer months. Grooming is very important when they're going through their heaviest shedding.


Belgian Sheepdogs are alert, smart, loving and attentive. They need to be properly socialized from a very young age because they're quite protective of their family and property. These dogs tend to nip at the ankles and it's very common for them to do this because of the strong herding instinct they still have.


The coat of the Belgian Sheepdog is somewhat harsh in texture and shouldn't ever be wiry or silky. They have full double coats with the top coat being soft and coarse, and the undercoat being fluffy and dense.


Belgian Sheepdogs are very high energy dogs. For this reason, they need to always have some sort of job to perform. If they're not sufficiently entertained or they're left alone for a long time, they can start to destroy things. These dogs get on well with children but they can become aggressive toward other dogs. As long as they've been properly socialized, they can also get along well with other household pets.


Belgian Sheepdogs must have experienced handlers that can deliver firm training. These are very intelligent dogs and are always very eager to please their owner. They excel in obedience training as well as working sports since they were initially bred to herd.