Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren


The Belgian Tervuren puppies were originally bred late in the 19th century as herding dogs. This decision was made from such traits as intelligence, trainability and temperament. It wasn’t long, though, before dog shows got popular and breeders started producing Belgian Tervuren puppies that kept the original qualities and added grace and beauty. These dogs are well established in the United States but they’re still rather rare.


Belgian Tervuren puppies love vigorous activity such as playing with their families. They don’t do well living in apartments or with non-active owners. These dogs like country settings where they can roam. They also make great companions for jogging and hiking as well as working dogs.


Daily combing and brushing is needed to keep away mats and tangles in the coat of the Belgian Tervuvens. They only need one bath monthly with a mild shampoo. If needed between baths, they can be dry shampooed. This is a breed prone to aggressiveness, progressive retinal atrophy, shyness, hip and elbow dysplasia, and epilepsy.


The Belgian Tervuren is a medium sized dog and is well balanced. They look elegant, are alert, strong, agile, and have an inquisitive expression. They’re lively and graceful when they move and can work in harsh weather or rough areas. Few breeds are more physically beautiful than these dogs.


The double coat of the Belgian Tervuren puppies makes them able to adapt to extreme temperatures or climates. The top coat is a long guard hard that’s straight, abundant and fits close to the body, and medium harsh. The under coat is dense and soft. There’s a lot of hair around the tail, neck and backs of the legs. Their coat is typically a base color of fawn to mahogany with black tipped guard hairs. Their coats get darker as they get older. They shed constantly but lightly. Males shed heavily annually and females shed heavily 2 times yearly.


The Belgian Tervurens puppies are very devoted and loyal. They love humans and to be an important part of their families. They need loving attention. If they’re ignored, they get destructive. This breed has very strong territorial and protective instincts and is smart, watchful and serious. They might also be shy and sensitive. Older and well behaved children are better for them to be around. Caution must be used when introducing the Belgian Tervurens to pets that aren’t dogs, and they might try to dominate other dogs. This breed usually attaches themselves to 1 or 2 family members. Their owners need to be experienced.


Belgian Tervuren puppies need a lot of intense socialization while very young. They’ve got lots of energy and need a job to do. They’re great as work dogs, police and guard dogs and are very obedient. These dogs won’t take to harsh training techniques and won’t cooperate. Training must be conducted with consistency, firmness, respect and fairness.