Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog


The origin of Bernese Mountain puppies is unknown, but it’s believed they started out as farm dogs in the mountains of Switzerland. They have a large and sturdy build as well as a calm nature. This makes them perfect to herd cattle, pull carts and being a companion to farmers. This is quite a versatile breed.


Lots of exercise, activity and interaction are needed for the Bernese Mountain puppies. They must have a minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day along with several trips outside. Apartment living isn’t recommended because they need a large fenced yard to roam about in. They excel in obedience, agility, herding and tracking.


Daily brushing is required when caring for the Bernese Mountain puppies and will need extra care for heavy seasonal shedding. Occasional baths or dry shampooing is best. This is usually a sturdy breed but they tend to suffer from eyelid problems, cancer, bloating, and hip or elbow dysplasia. They’re highly susceptible to heat stroke because of their thick coat and size.


Commonly called “Berner,” the Bernese Mountain puppies have a long list of wonderful attributes. They’re strong, very intelligent and agile. Their beauty and gentleness plays a large part in their popularity. Few breeds can compare to the Bernese Mountain dogs in work ethic, appearance and companionship.


The coat of the Bernese Mountain puppies is a weather resistant tri-color double coat. The main color is black containing rust and white symmetrical markings. The hair is medium length and can be straight or slightly wavy. It’s quite thick with a natural bright sheen. This breed sheds heavily in season.


The Bernese Mountain puppies are alert and loving with a sweet, tolerant and gentle disposition. They’re generally great with children but since they’re so large, they shouldn’t be left alone with small children or children that are strangers. This breed loves human companionship and being active. In fact, they might develop behavior issues if they don’t get social interaction. They’re protective but not aggressive unless they’re provoked or threatened. They tend to be shy and may be withdrawn to strangers. They’re great indoor family members and love helping outdoors.


Socialization from a very young age is beneficial to the Bernese Mountain puppies as is basic obedience. This is an extremely sensitive breed and they won’t respond to harsh training techniques. Training must be conducted with positive methods such as love, respect, fairness, consistency and rewards.