Biewer Yorkshire Terriers

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers


The Biewer Yorkshire puppies were started in 1984 in Germany. They came about due to a piebald genetic recessive gene that was produced by breeders Werner and Gertrude Biewer from their Yorkshire Terriers. They’re quite popular in the United States. People love them for their tiny size, intelligence, loyalty and lively personality.


Biewer Yorkshire puppies are very active little dogs, but they do well with apartment and city dwelling. They don’t have to have a yard as long as they’re walked and exercised daily.


Biewer Yorkshire puppies must have lots of care so that their hair doesn’t get matted. Combing and brushing regularly is required. Their coats are silky and fine so that makes it easier to keep them looking beautiful. Many owners of Biewer Yorkshire puppies choose to keep them in a short haircut. This looks much nicer than a matted coat, which is what happens if the owners don’t’ have time to keep the dogs combed and bathed.


Biewer Yorkshire puppies get quite attached to their families. However, most of them do remain somewhat independent. This is a lively, intelligent and bold breed. Their personality is playful and childlike, which is like the terrier breed in general. They bark when they sense danger.


The coat of the Biewer Yorkshire puppies is long and symmetrically colored white, blue and gold. Their coats can be high maintenance, depending on the dog’s purpose. A Biewer Yorkshire puppy that serves as a pet and companion can have a short haircut. A bath once every 2 to 3 weeks is all they need, although they need to be combed daily using a wire comb. Biewer Yorkshire puppies used as show dogs require a lot more attention. They coat reaches the ground and needs special grooming. Breeders specializing in showing them will rap their coat so it reaches the floor and looks very impressive.


Eager to please, rambunctious and lively, Biewer Yorkshire puppies are highly energetic and totally unaware of how tiny they are. They can be standoffish and aggressive with people they don’t know, but they’re highly loyal to their families. These are demanding little dogs and they require lots of attention from humans. Even though they have a sweet nature, if they’re provoked or teased too much, they can get aggressive and snappy. This is one reason why they’re excellent guard dogs. Biewer Yorkshire puppies can become neurotic if they’re overprotected, but they’re happiest when lying in their owner’s laps. These active little dogs can do fine living in apartments as long they get enough exercise daily.


When it comes to training Biewer Yorkshire puppies and dogs, they’re easy to train. Just keep in mind that they can become stubborn sometimes. Obedience training works well for them.