Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier


Black Russian Terrier puppies grow into very large dogs that have a square or slightly stretched frame. They adapt easily to various climates and the lifestyles of their owners. They’re also intelligent and well trainable. This is an active, yet dignified, breed that loves joining in on fishing, swimming, hiking and biking expeditions. They’re happiest with owners that can provide plenty of things for them to do such as obedience and agility training as well as games.


A country setting works best for Black Russian Terrier dogs so that they can get enough exercise. This breed is happiest when they’re working at playing games, learning obedience and agility or protecting their families. While they do need plenty of exercise, it’s important not to over-exercise them when they’re young or they can damage growing joints, bones and muscles.


Black Russian Terrier puppies only need to be brushed and combed weekly. Their nails, teeth and ears need sufficient care. This breed needs clipping or scissoring only 3 to 4 times yearly.


Black Russian Terriers is an intelligent breed. They’re also strong, loyal, courageous, enduring, self-confident, reliable and protective. These dogs have a balanced temperament and are easy to train, which allows success with working as well as canine sports. This breed makes loyal family members and excellent companions.


Black Russian Terriers are practically non-shedding. Their hair is hard, rough, very dense and ample and it covers the entire body with a well-developed and dense undercoat. The coat shapes a bushy, rough moustache on their upper lips with a beard on the lower lips. Their longer coat on the neck and withers forms a mane.


Active, large and sturdy, the Black Russian Terrier has a stable temperament. They’re also quite lively and react strongly in situations of defense. Unwanted visitors will be halted. This is a tough, alert, loyal and brave breed. They get along great with children and other animals as long as they’ve been properly socialized.


Black Russian Terrier puppies are easily trained. They have an above average learning speed as well as skills for problem solving. Training them is very simple.