One of the oldest breeds in existence, the Bloodhound origin is unknown. What IS known is that the breed was perfected by Belgian monks. Then they were brought to England by the Normans and then to the United States. This breed loves to hunt and track. Since he’s a scent hound, he’ll lose interest quickly in whatever he’s doing. They’re commonly used as trackers to hunt game, lost children and criminals but also as companions.


Bloodhounds need regular exercise, preferably romping and playing in a large fenced area. They have a tendency to eat too much so they need regular exercise to stay active and healthy. They need to be exercise at least 90 minutes daily so keep Bloodhounds healthy and happy so they do best with lots of room to roam.


Bloodhounds don’t need a lot of grooming when it comes to their coat but the folds of skin need to be cleaned regularly so itchy and dry skin doesn’t develop. Fast and regular brushing needs to be done for removal of any loose or dead hair for this very heavy seasonal shedder. Their long, droopy ears need to be cleaned regularly to prevent painful and/or infected ears.


Bloodhounds are shy and placid but are sociable when they have time to warm up. They’re wary of strangers but don’t show aggressive tendencies. This dog is very sensitive to the tone of someone’s voice, which makes it hard to train him. But he’s quite eager to please his master and does well. They tend to start wailing at a strange scent but don’t bark like other hounds.


The Bloodhound’s coat is very hard and short and covers the entire body. The head and ears have softer hair with remaining hair being coarse and harsh. They don’t need a lot of grooming but the ears need to be regularly cleaned.


Bloodhounds are a very gentle and loving breed with a sweet nature. They can also be very reserved and shy so they need to be socialized very young. Don’t trust this breed around small animals but they do quite well with other dogs when socialized and trained properly. They do great with children and can be quite tolerant. Supervision is needed because their ears are very sensitive.


The Bloodhound is a very intelligent breed and eager to please their owners. But they can be quite stubborn, which makes training difficult. Gentle speaking and handling is the only way to successfully train this breed as they’re so sensitive. Training must also be consistence. They can be hard to house train but if proper training exercises are conducted regularly, they can excel and be a great family companion as well as a hunting dog.