The Borzoi puppies were initially called Russian Wolfhounds. They’re sight hounds that depend on speed and agility. Highly revered and prized by aristocracy and nobles, they couldn’t be bought. They could only be presented as gifts by the Czar.


Make sure your Borzoi gets plenty of exercise. They’re great for walking and jogging companions as long as they’re securely leashed. When indoors, they’re generally inactive but they get bored and destructive if they’re left by themselves for too long. They need a large, securely fenced yard to run in but they can adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise.


Borzoi puppies are pretty easy to care for. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush is needed along with being dry shampooed as needed. The hair on the pads needs to be trimmed regularly to prevent splaying. This is a healthy breed although they’re prone to progressive retinal atrophy. They also tend to bloat and have a very low tolerance to anesthetic.


A tall and aristocratic breed, the Borzoi dogs are felt to be the epitome of grace and elegance. They’re confident, tranquil and reticent. These dogs make devoted and docile companions while also displaying exceptional hunting, lure coursing and sighting abilities.


The coat of the Borzoi is uniquely patterned. It’s silky and moderately long that has an under coat of thick plushness. Their neck mane is quite profuse with a longer and thicker coat on their tails and backs of their hind legs. This is a dirt shedding coat and doesn’t mat. It may be flat, curly or wavy. Borzoi coats can be white, tan, golden or gray with black markings. These can be mixed or solid colors. They shed heavily.


Borzoi puppies are proud, alert and sweet. They’re loyal to their families while also being affectionate to those they know well, although they’re standoffish with strangers. Quiet and well behaved, this breed rarely barks. That’s why they’re not great watchdogs. They shouldn’t be in homes that have small children, small pets or cats. However, they get along well with medium or large dogs that they’ve been raised with. They make great companions for older children. Borzoi puppies are quite slow to mature. They’re not good for two career families because they get depressed and suffer separation anxiety if they’re left on their own for a long time. This is a very intelligent, sensitive and free thinking breed.


Borzoi puppies grow up to be giant sized and wont’ fit in with all households. Since they’re sight-hounds, they must have constant restraint and attention. They need socialization and basic obedience. Don’t try to train them with heavy handed or harsh techniques. They need patient, consistent and calm guidance delivered with mutual respect. Housetraining them is usually easy because they want to be clean.