Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon


The Brussels Griffon dog has a human like expression and is quite cheerful. They’re great companions for humans and are good with other pets. This includes cats and even small animals. However, they react best with older children. This is a curious and sensitive breed as well as being demanding. But they give lots of love and affection to their owners.


Brussels Griffons are hyperactive and lively so they don’t need much activity. They get the most from their exercising in their homes. They love short walks and don’t require a yard.


Brussels Griffons shed very little, so they don’t need lots of maintenance with their coat. Daily brushing will keep their coat clean, shiny and tangle free. They have a beard surrounding their mouth that needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent it from caking.


Brussels Griffons are barkers and they love doing it. That’s why they make good alarm dogs. They’re picky and intelligent and need obedience classes in their early life to make them polite and well-rounded.


Brussels Griffon have varieties of coats. The first one is rough and has dense, wiry and harsh hair. The second type is smooth and is straight, short and glossy.


The Brussels Griffons are friendly, cheerful, and at times, moody. They can also be rather picky. This is a difficult breed to housebreak so you must remain consistent to be successful. They need a gentle yet firm owner because they’re somewhat willful and high-strung.


Consistency is important with Brussels Griffon because they tend to get bored quickly. Obedience classes aren’t required but strongly recommended. If you make training fun, you’ll be able to keep their attention.