Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier


The Bull Terrier started in 1830 with a combination of Bulldog and Old English Terrier with a little bit of Spanish Pointer mixed in as well. They were originally created to attack bulls as a sport for entertainment but have now been used as guard dogs, herders, and watchdogs with excellent success.


Because this breed is so energetic and active, you will need to give it plenty of exercise. You will need a medium to large sized yard and take your Bull Terrier out at least once a day, twice if you can, to avoid boredom and destructiveness setting in.


Caring for a Bull Terrier is fairly easy as they only shed about twice a year. Grooming can be done with a simple rubber brush and the occasional plucking of dead hairs, if needed. You will need to clean their ears in order to avoid any further complications later on in their life.


Bull Terriers can be quite a lively breed but they will also have bouts of being lazy and silent at times. They have sweet dispositions and can be quite affectionate when the mood hits them. You will need to take the upper hand in training, though, as they can have dominance issues if not trained when they are young.


The Bull Terrier has a short and glossy coat that is a bit coarse to the touch. Grooming is very easy since it is so short, but you will need to make sure your Bull Terrier is protected from the cold weather in winter.


This breed is highly protective of their owners and has a fearless presence. They are loving and energetic and make great dogs for families. They are hardy and can handle playing with kids, but you should keep an eye on them as they can get a bit temperamental if pestered too much.


Training can be a bit difficult as the Bull Terrier is independent and willful at times. You should start obedience training at a very early age to avoid any hardships later on. Because of their penchant for dominance, you will to be firm in your training so that they do not become overly aggressive in the future.