While the Bullmastiff can be a very intimidating breed, they are exceptionally gentle and affectionate with their families. They are very loyal and make great companions and guard dogs. They love attention and are even tempered and calm, for the most part.


Bullmastiffs can become extremely lazy and need regular exercise in order to avoid any weight issues. They do well with regular walks and jogging and can thrive in an average sized fenced in yard.


This breed tends to not shed very much, which makes grooming a breeze. You should occasionally brush them to remove dead hair but that’s about all there is to it. They do tend to slobber a lot, though, so you should keep their mouths clean.


Bullmastiffs can be shy around strangers, but they are always alert. You should socialize a Bullmastiff at a very young age to avoid any aggressive behaviors with other animals that might arise in adulthood.


The Bullmastiff has a very short and dense coat that shows a distinctive black mask around the muzzle. They have great weather resistant coats that allow them to thrive in various climates.


Because of the large size of this breed, Bullmastiffs shouldn’t be brought into a home with small children. They will not harm the child, but can inadvertently knock them over. First time dog owners should not own a Bullmastiff as they can be stubborn at times and, if not trained right, will show dominance at an early age.


Training can be a bit difficult with a Bullmastiff as they are sensitive to your voice. You will not be able to use harsh training techniques with this breed, but being patient and firm will show great rewards. They excel in obedience training and work well as guard dogs.