Canis Panther

Canis Panther

Canis Panther


The Canis Panther dogs didn't actually come into existence until the 1970's. They were bred by a man who went by the name Scorpio, and his accomplices, Mr. Stratten and Mr. Lopez. The three of them mixed four different breeds together in the hopes of making some kind of super hunting dog, though the Canis Panther has never been used as such.


It may be wise to find a large fenced in area to let the Canis Panther run around in. They are active, and when they are feeling playful, it can result in a mess in the home. They need a wide open space just because of their size and energy. They'll love going on walks and playing with their owner.


The Canis Panther has so far shown no particular susceptibilities or weaknesses to any known health conditions that face dogs today. Your biggest concern may be keeping them active, fed properly, and making sure they're happy. If you are concerned about what to feed a multi-breed dog, there is a special food manufactured for that.


The Canis Panther is extremely muscular and large in build. Their ears are pointy at the top of the head, but are somewhat folded into themselves. They can come in a few different colors such as black or brown, but rarely are a mixed color, with the exception of a white tuft of hair on the chest.


Canis Panther dogs require no special grooming treatment. Just a nice brushing every now and then and bathing only when dirty. Their short fur, however, is not too weather resistant, and it may cause them to be more affected by cold weather. It's definitely in their best interest to keep them inside or bundled up during the winter.


Though they are often sweet to those they have accepted into their "pack," Canis Panther dogs can be rather wary of strangers. It is best to socialize the Canis Panther with other pups, as well as human children, when they are still young. These dogs can well-behaved house guests if trained early on.


Being that Canis Panther dogs are friendly and extremely loving towards their adoptive family, they will be fairly easy to train. That is, assuming you have established yourself as the Alpha of the family. The only way a Canis Panther will listen to you is if you are the pack leader.