Caucasian Mountain Dog

Caucasian Mountain Dog

Caucasian Mountain Dog


The Caucasian Mountain Dog started out as a guard dog for flocks and villages in the Caucasus mountain region. They were regularly used by the Soviet government to guard factories and other facilities as well. They make great service dogs due to their loyalty and intelligence.


Because of the size and nature of this breed, the Caucasian Mountain dog does not do well in apartments or homes with tiny yards. They need room to run and play and require daily exercise and work to keep them happy.


One of the hardiest of breeds, the Caucasian Mountain dogs have little to no known health issues in regards to this breed of dog. Brushing needs to be done on a regular basis to keep their coat from matting and bathing should be done with a mild shampoo, but only when necessary to protect the coat.


Caucasian Mountain dogs are a ferocious defender breed and are very powerful and athletic, which makes them great for guard duty. Some people describe them as being “bear like” in appearance and disposition, but warm and affectionate with their families.


Caucasian Mountain dogs have three types of coats available short, medium, and long. They are double coated and weather resistant with the top coat being long and coarse, and the under coat being dense and soft.


Many say that the loyalty of the Caucasian Mountain dog comes in tied with the gentle and affectionate behavior it gives to its family. Any threat to this breed’s family or territory will be announced with barks and very low growls until action is needed. This is where the speed and determination of this breed kicks in.


Training should begin at an early age and patience is required with Caucasian Mountain dogs. They are strong willed to the point of being stubborn and harsh training methods will yield no results what so ever. Firm and fair training will yield results never before imagined because of the intelligence this breed has, especially after they mature.