Central Asian Shepherd

Central Asian Shepherd

Central Asian Shepherd


The Central Asian Shepherd, or Ovtcharka, was bred in the USSR to guard over livestock against bears and wolves. They are fairly popular in Europe, Italy, and Poland, but because of the export prohibitions, they are not well known in the United States and are extremely difficult to obtain.


Because the Central Asian Shepherd is a nocturnal barker, they are not suited for apartment living. They need plenty of land to roam and a rural area with work that needs to be done is the perfect setting for them.


Central Asian Shepherds only require occasional brushing to get rid of loose or dead hair. Bathing is done only when necessary. They are hearty dogs but can suffer from hip dysplasia and bloating.


Central Asian Shepherds are massive and extremely powerful and bold with a fearlessness to match. They are exceptionally sturdy animals as well as being athletic and intelligent, too. They make great guard dogs and watching over livestock is part of their genetics.


The Central Asian Shepherd is a double coat breed with a long or short top coat that’s coarse and an under coat that is dense and soft. They do well in any environment as they are weather resistant to a certain degree.


The Central Asian Shepherd is one dog that is not recommended for anyone that is timid and looking for a house pet. They are strong willed and very independent, but will defend their family and territory no matter what the threat is. They will never back down if threatened, and are distrustful of any strangers. They do well with children that they are raised with and family pets as well, unless they feel challenged.


Unless you are planning on using a Central Asian Shepherd as a flock dog, you will need to establish socialization training very early. They are a very dominant breed and will not respond to harsh training. Inexperienced dog owners, or those that are timid, should not work with this breed.