Chacy Ranior

Chacy Ranior

Chacy Ranior


The Chacy Ranior is an almost completely unheard of breed. The reason that many dog lovers may not have heard of this breed is because the name didn't come around until about 2005, when this dog breed's official name was changed from Shicon to Chacy Ranoir. In other words, a Shitzu and Bichon cross breed.


Chacy Ranior dogs will easily make themselves at home indoors. They will enjoy a walk every day or two, but they are not as keen on being outside as other dogs are. They can become destructive if left alone for too long, but should be fine for short periods of time.


Chacy Ranior dogs are pretty good at taking care of themselves, but not when they've gotten used to the loving care of humans. They have no real weaknesses to anything in particular. Just make sure they are properly fed, they are well groomed, and they get plenty of exercise. Also watch that their fur is not in their eyes.


Chacy Ranior dogs could fit right into the "toy" breed category. They are small in size, and because they are often fitted with cutesy looking bows or ponytails to keep the fur out of their eyes, they often seem like a dog typically found in the purse of a Hollywood celebrity.


The long and shaggy coats of Chacy Raniors must be tended to often. They will need to get professionally trimmed a couple of times a year to make sure that their hair doesn't overlap their feet or become too unmanageable and tangled. Comb through their fur, very gently, every couple of days to ensure the coat does not become mangled.


Despite their somewhat spoiled image, the Chacy Ranior dogs can actually be very sweet if they are handled correctly. If you let these dogs behave as they wish to, however, they will not find flaw in their behavior and can very easily become spoiled. Show that you are dominant and the Chacy Ranior will remain sweet.


Training is very important for Chacy Raniors. If you don't become the pack leader, someone will have to, and the Chacy Ranior is all too eager to fill those big shoes. This dog will defy you if not properly trained, and he will dominate you. If you don't want the dog to rule you, simply don't let him.