Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested


The Chinese Crested is lively and very affectionate. They come in two distinct types the hairless and the Powder-puff. They both have similar personalities even though their outward appearance is very different. This breed is very intelligent and loves to dig holes and climb.


Chinese Crested dogs make a good apartment dwelling breed and only needs regular play sessions to be happy and healthy. They will need to be protected from the sun and cold weather and do well without a fenced in yard.


Chinese Crested dogs are extremely clean and has virtually no odor at all. The hairless breed should be kept warm and out of direct sunlight to keep them from burning. You can use a sunscreen on the hairless breed to help protect it. The Powder-puff breed will require daily brushing to keep them from matting.


The Chinese Crested is a very well-mannered breed that rarely ever nips or barks even though they are wary of strangers that enter the home. They make great companion dogs that do everything they can to cheer you up when you need it the most.


The Chinese Crested breed has two distinct coat types one is the Powder-puff, which has a long coat and the Hairless that only has long hair around its head and feet. The Powder-puff requires constant grooming whereas the Hairless requires very little grooming.


The Chinese Crested is the family dog of family dogs. They are well balanced and gentle with children and other pets as well as being very alert and intelligent. They should be socialized while a puppy and again in adult hood to stop them from becoming overly timid though.


Chinese Crested are exceptionally intelligent and does very well in obedience based sports. They are great at performing tricks and love to learn new things every chance they get. You will need to be consistent in their training but you should be gentle as well.