Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel


A Clumber Spaniel is an English bred dog that has been around for centuries. This type of Spaniel is considered to be the largest Spaniel out there. They have an almost majestic presence, and they are valued as quality show dogs so long as the spots on their fur are very few in number.


They are best suited to living indoors. Though they will remain comfortable in the household, they will need some form of daily exercise. You can take them out for quick walks around the neighborhood, or you could simply pick up one of their favorite toys and play some fetch or tug of war.


You will need to watch that the Clumber Spaniel dog doesn't get too infested with fleas. You can try the occasional flea shampoo, but since this breed is also prone to skin allergies, and too much shampoo can damage the skin, it may just be best to keep them indoors away from other outdoor pets.


Clumber Spaniel dogs are long with short legs, much like "wiener" dogs, such as the Welsh Corgi or Daschund. They have floppy ears that dangle at the sides of their heads. Their ears are decorated with curls of fur that make this dog look like it actually has a cute curly hairstyle.


You will need to pay special attention to the eyes and ears of Clumber Spaniels as their fur can grow particularly long in these areas, which can lead to the introduction of debris that can cause infections. Other than keeping it trim, brush through it a couple of times a week and the coat will remain untangled.


The Clumber Spaniel is a very well-behaved dog. They could blow any dog out of the water if faced with a competition of manners. No dog rivals this one in terms of not fearing strangers and being able to handle the company of children. They are such friendly and pleasant canines.


Since Clumber Spaniels are so well-mannered and agreeable, trainers will rarely run into any difficulties during the training process. Be respectful of these dogs and treat them fairly, as they will not act in a disobedient manner, and they will not need to be handled in an overly firm way.