The Cockapoo is an exceptionally intelligent breed that makes a great companion dog. This breed has a wonderful disposition but can end up being overly passive at home and aggressive towards other dogs unless you give them the socialization they need at a young age.


This breed does not require a yard to thrive like other dogs and does quite well in apartments as long as they can get a daily walk. They need a lot of exercise due to their tendency to overeat a bit when they are bored.


This breed will need to be brushed and combed on a regular basis to keep their fur from becoming matted. For the most part, the Cockapoo does not shed very much at all and by brushing it you can reduce that even further. They should be clipped and groomed at least once a year.


The Cockapoo is a highly intelligent breed that is very affectionate and well mannered. Training is very easy as they are one of the smartest dog breeds in existence. This breed is sweet natured and will steal your heart if you aren’t careful.


This is one of the few breeds that do not require a breed standard when it comes to the coat. The preferred coat is close, wavy, and dense. They will have the characteristics of both the Spaniel and the Poodle.


This breed does well with other dogs and children if socialized early. They are extremely friendly and eager to please and make excellent companion dogs for older families. Both the Spaniel and the Poodle can have aggression issues, so make sure you train your Cockapoo at an early age to stop this from happening.


Since this breed is so intelligent they are very easy to train. They will require firm yet gentle words as they tend to become sensitive to the tone of your voice. With the right training techniques, this breed will strive and become part of the family in no time.