The Collie is one of the most recognizable breeds because of its elongated muzzle and the coloration. They make great working dogs as they were bred specifically for herding of livestock. As long as they are socialized when young, they will get along great with children and other pets very well.


Collies can do well with a medium sized yard but shouldn’t be left outside for long hours in the heat of the day because of their coat. If they are outside for long periods they will need plenty of water and some shade to rest under. They can live in apartments quite well if give the right amount of exercise daily.


The shorter coat Collie will require brushing on a weekly basis while the long straight haired Collie will need daily brushing to remove dead hair. They will need to be bathed at least once a month as their hair tends to trap dirt. This breed is a heavy shedder depending on the season.


Recognized as one of the gentlest and easiest to train breeds, Collies make wonderful companion dogs. They are intelligent, gentle, and good natured and they will make perfect house pets for any family that can give it the attention it craves.


The Collie comes in two distinct coats the rough and the smooth coats. They will have the same colorations no matter what coat type they have. This is mainly black, tan, and white but there are some sable and blue merle colors as well.


Collies are the perfect breed for families with children and other pets as they are so obedient and passive. They will bring a huge amount of joy and love into your home and can make excellent watch dogs for you and your family.


Collies are gentle dogs that are one of the easiest to train as they are so intelligent. They are considered one of the best herd dogs available and have an intense desire to work and please their masters. They require a firm but gentle approach towards training or they will refuse to cooperate.