Coton De Tulear

Coton De Tulear

Coton De Tulear


The Coton De Tulear was first bred in Madagascar during the early part of the 20th century and is considered a rare breed of dog in the United States due to the low number of them being here. Since the American Kennel Club has yet to recognize them, there’s no kind of uniform standard to go by.


Coton De Tulear is the perfect indoor dog as it doesn’t require a lot of exercise instead they can do just fine with short walks once or twice a day. They do love to have play sessions whenever possible so keep that in mind.


Coton De Tulears are dogs that must be brushed and groomed on a constant basis to keep its coat from becoming matted and tangled. They have no known genetic diseases as the breeders have strived to keep the blood line as pure as possible.


The Coton De Tulear breed is a highly adaptable one and thrives on being a part of a family. They don’t like being left alone for very long and will require constant attention to maintain their health and happiness. They’re happy to lie in your lap or jump up to go riding in the car whenever you are.


Coton De Tulears have a fluffy cottony outer coat that is long, non-oily, and sheds dirt. Their undercoat is thin and very fine. Coton is the French term for cotton and that is exactly what their coat feels like when petted.


Coton De Tulear dogs are a very alert and loyal breed that will form a very strong attachment with you and your family. They get along great with kids and other pets and will soak up as much attention as you can give them. They will bark to alert for danger, but only when it’s necessary to do so.


Coton De Tulears are very intelligent and respond well to socialization and obedience training when very young although it can be a bit slow to mature if not trained right. They do well with lots of praise and a firm and consistent hand.