The Deutsch-Drahthaar is just the German name of this dog breed. In English, the name Deutsch-Drahthaar translates to German Wire Hair. These dogs have been around for about a century now. This breed is proficient in hunting, as they can hunt just as well in water as they can on land.


The Deutsch-Drahthaar is a pretty active pup that likes to explore and run around outside. If you like to hunt, then take the dog hunting with you. You can also let them accompany you for hiking treks as well as simple walks around the neighborhood. Just keep them leashed so they won't chase other animals.


As their ears are so large, the Deutsch-Drahthaar needs their ears to be frequently checked up on. Also, keep an eye on their feet, especially if they are kept outdoors or let out often. These dogs can have thick feet and may not notice if something gets stuck in one.


The Deutsch-Drahthaar, or German Wirehaired Pointer, is always a white and liver color. The pattern changes at times, and sometimes their heads are a different color, like a black or brown. They have webbed feet that make it easier for them to swim and catch marine prey, and they have big floppy ears.


They can shed a bit more than average, so you will need to groom your German Wirehaired Pointer two times every week. They will need to be groomed with a wire hair brush, because their coats are so coarse and dense. Their coats are weather resistance, so try to avoid trimming them.


The Deutsch-Drahthaar dogs aren't exactly hard to amuse, but they can become bored easily. They often find new ways of entertaining themselves every time they grow tired of what they're doing. They are not recommended to be around very young children or small pets. Hunting instincts can take over, as can jealousy over their owner's attention.


The Deutsch-Drahthaar dogs have a stubborn nature, and they can feel very competitive with other animals. The easiest thing to teach this dog to do is hunt. They are natural born hunters and will not argue about hunting demands. They can also learn to be decent around other people if socialized early enough in their life.