English Coonhound

English Coonhound

English Coonhound


The English Coonhound dogs are descendant from the French and Irish breeds that were brought to the United States. They were used to hunt raccoon at night and fox during the day. Originally, English Coonhounds didn't do well in hunting by American standards because they were unable to track their quarry in trees. That brought about the original dogs being crossed with Bloodhounds to improve their ability of scent tracking. Currently, English Coonhounds are used in tracking and hunting cougar, raccoon, deer, opossum, bear and boar.


English Coonhounds have tons of energy and should not be kept in the city or apartment living. It's better to have them living in a rural setting and with an active owner. If they're confined or get bored, they'll start baying constantly and get destructive.


English Coonhounds need regular brushing using a firm bristle brush. They should only be bathed when necessary. Be sure to check their ears and paw pads regularly to see if any debris is lingering. This breed of dog is prone to hip dysplasia.


The English Coonhound is felt to be a good athlete. They have a lot of strength, vigor, and endurance. They also move with little effort. These dogs are capable of moving very fast, are versatile and quite competitive.


English Coonhounds have a coat that is short, harsh and stiff. Brush them regularly with a firm bristle brush and this will keep them looking healthy and shiny.


English Coonhounds are loyal, assured, affectionate, fearless and watchful. They also do better in packs of dogs instead of being an “only dog.” Older, well-behaved children are great companions for these dogs as well as other pets that they have grown up with. This breed tends to be rather lively, exuberant and high strung.


English Coonhounds must have socialization at a very young age. They don't respond to heavy handed or harsh training methods. Training has to be conducted with fairness, firmness, consistency and patience. This is a breed that excels in field trial, conformation and performance events.