English Foxhound

English Foxhound

English Foxhound


The English Foxhound originated in England during the late 1500s. They were created because it was felt that the number of deer in England was decreasing due to royalty and nobles hunting them for food and sport. It was during King Henry VIII's reign that the idea was formed that a new prey needed to be found. The fox was chosen as this prey. Therefore, the English Foxhound was needed to track them. These dogs were created through the careful combining of a Greyhound, Fox Terrier, and Bulldog. They were chosen because of their different abilities. The Greyhound has speed, the Fox terrier has the needed instinct for hunting, and the Bulldog is tenacious when hunting. English Foxhounds were meant to track foxes and live with horses. That still happens today.


English Foxhounds aren't well suited to apartment living. They're quite active indoors and need extensive exercise. These dogs must have a daily long and brisk walk or jog. If you like to jog or go biking, take your English Foxhound with you as he'll do great running along beside you for hours on end. Since they're natural hunters, they'll instantly follow any scent they find interesting. That's why you must keep them leashed unless they're in a safe are. If these dogs don't get enough exercise, they'll get nervous and destructive.


The coat of an English Foxhound is hard and short, making only minimal grooming necessary. Brush and comb them weekly using a firm bristle brush to remove any loose or dead hair. They only need to be bathed when necessary. However, their nails need to be checked weekly and trimmed when necessary. Also, be sure to check their ears every week for debris or infection. These dogs are average shedders.


English Foxhounds are active, brave and lively along with being amazing and hardworking hunters. They prefer being with other dogs but also are quite social and get on well with humans, too. These dogs like children and other animals. They use so much of their energy while young that they're typically ready for retirement from work by the time they're 7 or 8 years old. When they get enough exercise, they make great companions.


English Foxhounds have coats that are hard and short and quite easy to take care of. Since their coat is light, they don't do well in extreme temperatures. Their coats can be one in any number of colors.


The English Foxhounds were meant to hunt in large packs with the hunter on horseback. That's why they're sociable with people, other dogs and horses. They can be quite stubborn and independent, particularly when they want to explore. These dogs have a keen sense of smell and take off in the direction of a scent as soon as they're free to do so. They're quite active and must have lots of time outside to run and play. Their stamina is amazing. They can run around all day, taking only a few breaks to rest. They love to run and were made for it. If English Foxhounds can't burn off their energy, they'll get destructive.


The English Foxhound is very hard to housebreak. They must be properly socialized early in life so that they won't be aloof and timid. Their training needs to be conducted with firmness and fairness.