English Shepherd

English Shepherd

English Shepherd


The English Shepherd breed originated in England as versatile working dogs that are good at completing many different tasks. They're very skilled at sheep herding, as well as pigs, cattle and poultry. They also make good watch dogs, hunting dogs, vermin eradicators and companions. This is a breed considered to be rare.


It's best if English Shepherd dogs aren't cooped up in apartments or city living. They need a country setting that has lots of room to run, explore, and work. This breed needs a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation.


English Shepherd dogs need regular brushing. Bathing isn't needed unless it's absolutely necessary. Hip dysplasia occurs in a low percentage of these dogs.


English Shepherds are medium size dogs, agile, courageous and well-balanced. They're muscular, speedy, sturdy, and have great stamina and are speedy. Always on the alert, they're a highly intelligent breed.


English Shepherds have a double coat. Their top coat is long, moderately coarse, straight or slightly wavy. The underneath coat is fine, soft and dense.


English Shepherd dogs need experienced owners, so first time owners aren't a good idea. These are affectionate, devoted, loyal and fearless dogs. They tend to form close attachments to one specific member of the family. They're good with dogs, other household pets they were raised with, and children. This breed is suspicious and wary of strangers and will protect and guard their family, territory and property.


English Shepherd dogs are eager and willing to please. These dogs must be socialized at an early age as well as receive obedience training. They need a dominant trainer but won't respond to heavy handed or harsh techniques. Training must be conducted with fairness, consistency, patience and firmness.