Estrela Mountain Dogs

Estrela Mountain Dogs

Estrela Mountain Dogs


The Estrela Mountain dog is an old Portuguese hound that is valued among farmers in their native land as a useful herding dog. They're great with animals and know how to herd cattle by a natural instinct. They're not typically seen in the United States of America, but they're greatly valued in their homeland.


The Estrela Mountain dogs don't do very well in a home. They are far too active to be confined to a small space. They need to be out and about with the freedom to move around as much they choose. They won't damage as much outdoors as they would if they were left inside.


Though the Estrela Mountain dog is a mostly healthy breed, they may be prone to stomach problems such as stomach cramping and problems with bloating. To help ensure that these problems don't greatly affect the dog, try finding a dog food made specifically for those with a sensitive stomach. Also, be sure to feed them an appropriate amount.


The Estrela Mountain dog can come in a variety of colors ranging from black to yellow. They often have white markings thrown in as well. These dogs have large able bodies and thick fluffy heads. They're quicker than their size may suggest, which is partly why they are good at herding.


The Estrela Mountain dog is not an above average shedder until they hit those certain shedding months. At these times, you will want to brush them often to make sure that fur and dander doesn't collect into dust bunnies hiding all over your house. They have a long double coat that can leave much behind after winter.


The Estrela Mountain dog becomes attached to his first owner quickly. He does not like drastic change, so he is not likely to ever become comfortable with a replacement owner unless he had known that person as long as they had known the original owner. They should be supervised around small animals.


Estrela Mountain dogs were born with a dominant personality. Out in the wild, this dog would be the pack leader, but when the Estrela Mountain breed lives with you, you must show them that YOU are the one in that's in charge. They will assume a dominant position from the get-go if you allow them to.