Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro


Fila Brasileiro dogs are courageous and powerful as well as quite dedicated and loyal companions. They have strong protective instincts when it comes to their family and territory while also being quite loving. These dogs need to be kept leashed at all times because of their protective nature as they can become aggressive under the right circumstances.


Fila Brasileiro dogs need a large fenced in yard and get along best in the country. They can do well in a home as long as they get enough exercise. They must be taken for walks regularly and have the opportunity to roam freely.


Fila Brasileiro dogs only need to be brushed with a firm bristle brush because they're shorthaired. They're average shedders so wiping them down with a damp cloth should take care of any loose hair. Bathe them only if absolutely necessary. These dogs need to be sheltered from cold weather because of their very smooth and short coat.


If Fila Brasileiro dogs are socialized from a very young age, they will get on well with children as long as they're not overly pestered by them. These are confident, calm and self-assured dogs that provide the ideal pet for anyone that wants a protective yet docile dog. It's common to see them as guard dogs.


Fila Brasileiros are large breed dogs with a very short coat. Because of this, very little maintenance is needed. Their coat should be soft, smooth, dense and a bit weather resistant.


Fila Brasileiro dogs aren't for just any owner. They're a very powerful breed and be a bit difficult to handle for inexperienced pet owners. In order to create a dog with a mild temper, proper breeding is vital. These dogs can turn aggressive if they feel threatened.


The Fila Brasileiro is a powerful dog that needs an experienced trainer. Obedience training is highly recommended and can be needed in certain situations. These dogs can be hard to control so a dominant owner is needed to have a well-mannered and obedient dog.