Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund


The Finnish Lapphund is from the Artic Spitz breed that originated in Finland in 7000 BC. These dogs made great watch dogs and were excellent reindeer herders. Currently, Finnish Lapphunds are used to herd cattle and sheep as well as serving as companions in their native land of Finland and other countries in Europe. It is rare, however, to find many of them in North America.


The Finnish Lapphunds are very active and must have an owner that is just as active. They do best in either a country setting with room to run or at least having access to a large fenced yard. These dogs excel in obedience, agility, search and rescue, fly-ball, and when used in therapy. They love having a job to do.


Finnish Lapphunds need to be brushed regularly. During times when they're shedding heavily, be sure to give their coat special attention. They only need to be bathed when absolutely needed. This is a healthy breed although there are some concerns with GPRA and cataracts. These dogs prefer to be in colder climates.


Finnish Lapphunds are of strong build, hardy, sturdy and medium sized dogs. They have an intelligent and bright expression on their faces with a striking appearance. These dogs are also active, intelligent and agile.


Finnish Lapphund dogs have a double coat. The top coat is long, coarse, straight, profuse and water resistant. Their under coat is thick, downy and dense. Male Finnish Lapphunds shed heavily once yearly. The females shed heavily twice yearly.


Finnish Lapphund dogs are loyal, calm and devoted. They're great with children, other dogs and household pets. These dogs are suspicious and wary around strangers and will alert their family by barking. They're not aggressive, but are affectionate, enthusiastic and brave.


Finnish Lapphunds must be socialized early in life as well as have obedience training. It's best to keep their training sessions short and varied as these dogs tend to get bored quickly. Training should be done with fairness, consistency and firmness.