French Brittany

French Brittany

French Brittany


Brittany dogs get their name from the province in France where they were originally bred. They were bred to be all-around, versatile bird dogs. There are 2 kinds of these dogs. There's the American Brittany, often known as just “the Brittany,” and the French Brittany, or the Epagneul Breton. The French Brittany is a completely French breed and they make excellent hunters, companions and show dogs.


French Brittanys are active and enthusiastic bird dogs. They love exercising and have tremendous stamina. Extensive exercise is needed for these dogs so they do best with an owner that's active an loves the outdoors. They must have daily walks or jogs.


The best way to keep the coat of French Brittany dogs healthy is through regular brushing at least 2 times weekly. Their medium length flat coat needs only occasional bathing or dry shampooing. Ears need to be checked regularly and carefully, particularly when they've been in rough terrain. These dogs are light shedders and generally low maintenance.


French Brittany dogs are very people oriented. They don't need to be alone for long periods of time or they may become destructive. These dogs have very powerful hunting instincts, so if you take them with you hiking, or for a walk in the park or the country, they can easily become distracted by squirrels and other small animals. This breed loves to wander so be sure to keep them leashed in public.


French Brittany dogs have dense and slightly wavy coats that lie flat. This is a single coat breed and isn't curly but has feathering on their legs. Minimal feathering is better than excessive as too much feathering on their legs can prevent them from being allowed to be in competition. Their coat's texture shouldn't be silky or wiry. Their ears may have some fringing.


French Brittany dogs get on well with everyone in their family, including children and other dogs. They also are very well mannered when visitors arrive. It's this attitude that keeps them from being effective watchdogs. Overall, these dogs are excellent hunters while also being affectionate family dogs.


French Brittany dogs are very intelligent and trainable. They might get afraid and shy if reprimanded. Training for these dogs should be conducted with firmness but gentleness.