French Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog


The French Bulldog is small and energetic. They've got huge, rounded bat shaped ears and a flat, square head a lot like the English Bulldog, only smaller. Their skin is very soft, which makes them quite appealing to pet. They're very amusing little dogs and are always great to bring humor and long friendship.


French Bulldogs can get overheated easily because of their flat muzzles. They can also develop breathing problems in extreme temperatures. They should always have plenty of shade and water. These dogs shouldn't have an outdoor life. Don't exercise them in hot weather or they may have a heatstroke. When it's too hot outside, their exercise and play should be moved indoors.


French Bulldogs are average shedders and don't need lots of grooming. All they need is an occasional brushing with a rubber brush to remove any loose or dead hair. They tend to drool because of having a flat muzzle, so be sure to clean their mouth regularly. They only need to be bathed when absolutely necessary.


French Bulldogs have a very pleasant temperament and this makes them perfect to be household companions. These are very playful dogs but sometimes males can become aggressive with other dogs. They get on well with older children and most other animals.


The French Bulldog has a very smooth, short and fine coat. They don't need a lot of grooming, however, regularly clean under their folds of skin.


French Bulldogs can be hilarious and wonderful little playmates while also being quite affectionate. They tend to be clingy and alert and need lots of human attention. They aren't kennel dogs and should always be with their family. When properly socialized, these dogs do fine with other dogs but shouldn't be around young children because they don't tolerate rough play.


Consistency is required when training French Bulldogs as they can be a bit willful. However, you can't use harsh training methods with them because they won't respond well to them. They do better with patient trainers and can go far.