German Coolie

German Coolie

German Coolie


The German Coolie is a medium sized dog that originally hails from Australia. These wonderful companions are great with agility sports, herding, and with Search and Rescue. They are most noticeable because of their patchwork coloring and flecks that stand out among other breeds.


The German Coolie requires a bit more exercise than most other breeds. They are extremely active and will require daily walks and romps in the back yard. They do not do well when left in the house and can become destructive when they are bored. Because they are so active, they thrive in a working environment such as a farm or ranch. This breed needs jobs to do so that they can expend some of that energy they have built up inside.


German Coolies are fairly easy to take care of. They tend to be very healthy dogs but require a high grade protein biscuit and dog food when they are working to keep their activity levels high. Because they are so active, you won't have to worry about health issues too much. The only issue this breed might have is with hip dysplasia.


The German Coolie is a very loyal and friendly breed that is extremely active. This breed is a great working dog and does whatever he can to please his owner. This breed of dog also gets along with other dogs because they are so friendly, which means you can bring them right into your home with just a little bit of socialization


The German Coolie comes in both short hair and long haired versions. The short haired Coolie doesn't require much brushing or grooming at all. The long haired Coolie only needs to be brushed to untangle any mats and remove foreign objects from their coat that they may have picked up from working or playing outside. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary to maintain healthy coat oils.


The German Coolie gets along with other pets and small children when socialized at an early age. They tend to be extremely attentive and very intelligent, which makes them great work dogs as well as good dogs for police and search and rescue work.


Training the German Coolie is fairly easy because of their intelligence. This breed loves to please people and will get new techniques down quicker than most other breeds available. Training should be done with a firm, yet gentle, tone that lets them understand they are to be working. High praise is rewarded when they succeed in a training aspect.