German Pinscher

German Pinscher

German Pinscher


Germany's “Best Kept Secret,” German Pinschers are ideal companions. They're a rare breed with a sense of humor. They're also brave, sober, aren't squeamish, and have great stamina. These dogs are lively, versatile, and docile. They make excellent guard dogs and respond well to obedience training. They can, however, be stubborn and bull headed so they need to know who's in charge.


German Pinschers need lots of exercise. They'll love running beside you when you go for a bicycle ride, walking around the block or simply playing in the yard. Walking them daily should be enough. This is an eager breed that will definitely keep you on your toes.


German Pinscher dogs have a strong, glossy and smooth coat that doesn't need a lot of grooming. Just brush them occasionally to remove any dead hair. These dogs are average shedders.


German Pinscher dogs are very playful, alert and loyal. These dogs need to be socialized properly early in life or they're be wary of strangers. They're energetic and love being with their companions. If they're properly socialized, they'll do well with children and other household pets.


German Pinschers have coats that are smooth, short, close, dense and shiny. Their coat covers the body totally without showing any bald spots.


German Pinschers can be perfect companions. They not only have a great sense of humor, but they are courageous, sober and have great stamina. They're very lively, versatile and make good guard dogs. These dogs respond well to obedience training but they can be quite stubborn so you need to show them who's boss. They'll bark when they feel it's necessary and this may be often. Visitors will make them bark loudly but they'll usually calm right back down. German Pinschers need to realize that they rule the roost only when their family is gone.


When it comes to training a German Pinscher, consistency is the most important technique. This breed is highly intelligent and quite eager to learn. If they get the right training, they'll thrive, nicely.