German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer


German Wirehaired Pointers were created in Germany at the start of the 20th century. They're all purpose hunting dogs that are able to find any type of animal in any terrain. They show skill qualities of retrievers, pointers and spaniels. They're medium size and well balanced with webbed feet for swimming.


The German Wirehaired Pointer is very active and energetic. They must have plenty of vigorous exercise, so they need an active family. These dogs make great jogging companions and love to swim. Apartment living isn't the best option for these dogs because they can be high strung and active when they're inside. If they don't get enough exercise, they get restless and can destroy things. They need a lot of room to run.


German Wirehaired Pointers have a coat that needs brushing twice a week using a firm bristle brush. Additionally, their coat needs an occasional stripping. Only bathe these dogs when absolutely necessary, although it's vital that their ears are kept clean. Be sure to check their feet after they've been out working. Health concerns with these dog include ear infections, hip dysplasia, skin cancer and genetic eye disease.


German Wirehaired Pointers appear noble and distinctive. They're muscular, hardy and built sturdily. These dogs are very powerful as well as quite versatile and very strong. They exceedingly loyal and keenly alert. Their expression is one of attentiveness and liveliness.


German Wirehaired Pointers have a coat that's coarse, wiry, straight and weather resistant. It's usually 2 inches in length with a thick undercoat. The coat's combination makes it water repellant and also protects the dogs from brambles and thorns. They're whiskered and bearded with a thick forehead to protect their face. Their coat's color is usually liver and white, ticked, spotted or roan, or a solid liver. They're average shedders.


German Wirehaired Pointer dogs are extremely active and affectionate. They love being occupied, are eager to learn and enjoy spending time with their owner. These dogs do best with older, well-behaved children. They get particularly attached to their master and might show jealousy. They usually get along with other dogs and household pets but they may try to dominate them. They're wary and suspicious of strangers, which makes them good watchdogs.


German Wirehaired Pointer dogs must be socialized early in life with humans and other dogs. They may be willful and stubborn at times but are always eager to please. They need obedience training conducted with patience, consistency and firmness. These dogs excel in tracking, hunting, agility and retrieving.