Giant Schnoodles

Giant Schnoodles

Giant Schnoodles


The Giant Schnoodle is considered to be a designer dog as he is a cross breed of the giant schnauzer and poodle. This breed brings together the eagerness to please from the poodle with the high activity of the schnauzer and rolls it up into one lovable dog. This is a great breed for a family that is active and willing to give the attention that this dog needs and loves.


Giant Schnoodles are a very active breed and require daily exercise to keep them happy. They do not do well in apartments and can cause serious damage if left alone for long periods of time. Running in the park and jogging with their family is something this breed highly enjoys.


The Giant Schnoodle requires a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day and possibly more depending on his parentage. They require a fenced in yard and do not do well in an apartment setting because of their size. They require constant companionship and can suffer separation anxiety if left alone too long.


The Giant Schnoodle tends to be independent and a bit on the stubborn side at times but is extremely loyal to his family. This breed can be high maintenance because of their coat and the amount of activity required to keep them happy. This breed tends to be extremely smart and agile and makes a great companion.


The Giant Schnoodle can have a variety of coat conditions. Because they are a cross breed, you can end up with a more traditional schnauzer coat or a poodle coat. If you find your Giant Schnoodle has a predominately schnauzer coat, then he will need to have his coat stripped a few times a year, whereas a poodles coat will need to be clipped every few weeks to ensure good health.


The Giant Schnoodle is a wonderful breed to have around the home. They are very loyal and love to please their family members every chance they get. There are times when a Schnoodle will prefer one person out of the family over all others, even though they will still love the rest of the family members. They are very intelligent and easily trained at a young age, before the stubborn schnauzer side takes effect.


Giant Schnoodles are very active and require training and socialization at a very early age. They can show signs of the stubbornness of the schnauzer, which will mean you need to be patient while training, but they are eager to please, like the poodle, and will pick things up quickly.