Glen of Imaal Terrier

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Glen of Imaal Terrier


The Glen Imaal Terrier is an Irish dog and rather rare to find in the United States. They were bred originally to be working dogs, and were used to get rid of vermin around the farms and homes. They also hunted fox and badger. These dogs were taught to perform a very unique job of turning a rotisserie at the hearth.


Glen of Imaal Terriers can live in either apartments or in the country. They love daily walks but you must always keep them securely leashed. These dogs like to roam and run freely in a fenced yard. However, as the Glen of Imaal Terriers tend to dig, these fences need to be buried deep underground. They're ideal traveling companions and love to riding in cars.


It's easy to groom Glen of Imaal Terriers. Their coat needs to be stripped twice a year. Their paw pads need to be trimmed regularly and excess ear hair should be plucked frequently. Because this is such a rare breed of dog and there's limited intervention by breeders, there are no known health concerns.


The Glen of Imaal Terriers are medium in size and are strong and resilient. They're commonly called a “big dog on short legs” because they're so low to the ground, but this is also what makes them excellent earth dogs. These dogs are rather stoic in behavior and work silently.


The Glen of Imaal Terrier has a double coat. Their top coat has a harsh and shaggy texture and is medium long. Their underneath coat is dense and soft. These dogs are very light shedders.


Glen of Imaal Terriers are loving and loyal companions along with being very talented hunters. They shouldn't live in homes that have small children. Neither do they get along with other dogs or small household pets. Even though these dogs are silent when they're working, they'll alert their family to danger. That's why they make amazing watch dogs. Glen of Imaal Terriers crave human attention but they're not demanding. This dog is stubborn, spunky and courageous, as well as being calm and patient.


Glen of Imaal Terriers are very intelligent and eager to learn. They can be rather willful, though, and try to dominate their owner. They must be socialized very early in life. Obedience training must be conducted with respect, consistence and fairness as they're very sensitive to being corrected.