Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane


Great Dane dogs are also known as gentle giants. They're affectionate, playful and sweet natured. Because of their size, they should never be around children unsupervised, but they're typically well mannered. These dogs are commonly engaged as watch dogs or guard dogs and they do quite well.


Great Danes should have very large yards and lots of room to exercise. Since these dogs are quite large, they must have regular very long walks. They're very good jogging companions and also do well running beside a bicycle.


The coat of Great Danes need regular brushing and combing. Rubber brushing works well to remove any dead or loose hair. Bathing Great Danes can be rather difficult because they're so large. However, it's not needed that often because they're rather clean dogs.


Great Danes are very dependable and responsible, which makes them great family pets. They should be extensively and thoroughly trained while still very young. This makes sure that they don't lean on people, particularly children, or experience any future behavior problems.


The coat of a Great Dane is very thick and short. That means they should keep a glossy appearance. Their coat doesn't need lots of maintenance as they're relatively clean.


The size of the Great Dane can make them rather intimidating. However, these dogs are quite loving and gentle. They do well with other dogs but they need to be completely socialized to keep them from becoming aggressive towards other dogs. Great Danes are actually very loyal and quite playful.


A dominant handler is required for a Great Dane because they need training conducted with firmness and gentleness. They should have obedience training at a young age or they can be somewhat difficult to train once they're adults.