Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees


Great Pyrenees dogs are very protective and devoted. That's what makes them excellent guardians for both their family and livestock. These are obedient dogs as well as being affectionate and gentle. They're also rather serious. This breed is a large loveable one that reminds many people of a teddy bear.


Great Pyrenees should not be confined to apartment living because they always should have a medium to large yard to run around in. They do best when allowed to run freely but they can also benefit from supervised walks.


Since Great Pyrenees dogs shed quite heavily once annually, they need a lot of maintenance during that period of time. As they're medium to long haired dogs, they must have regular brushing. The brushing should go all the way to their undercoat. This prevents matting of their coat. They should have occasional baths.


Great Pyrenees can be independent and stubborn at times, but they're also very loyal. These dogs can be wary of strange people or animals. Because they're affectionate and well-mannered, they make excellent companions but show what they're really like when in a country setting.


The coat of Great Pyrenees dogs are double and a gorgeous solid white. Their top coat is long and coarse, and either slightly wavy or straight. Their under coat is soft and thick, similar to cotton. The coat of these dogs is weather resistant.


Great Pyrenees dogs are affectionate, gentle, eager to please and obedient. This makes them ideal as guard dogs for both family and livestock. These dogs are typically used for cattle and sheep. They can be somewhat willful, which can make training difficult. They get on well with other animals, as well as being amazingly well with cats.


Great Pyrenees dogs can sometimes be somewhat difficult to handle. They're quite eager to work, however, and to please their master. As long as the correct training methods are used, a dominant handler can successfully train these dogs to be loyal and very obedient.